Hindering Thoughts #1

Everyone is fake

This is an introduction of a topic I will be posting weekly. The purpose of this is to bring the issue into light, and then provide help and answers that will hopefully aid the people who are witnessing these problems. After years of listening to friends and family vent, I gathered up certain subjects that came up quite often. The first issue I will touch on is when people claim that everyone around them is fake. Many of these people I felt bad for, but then I started seeing common traits between them. This is directly towards these people. It may or may not apply to you.  

You treat everyone with distrust

I understand that people have been screwed over many times. Some many, some few. You might have had a string of bad luck back to back. Sometimes it happens from the person we least expected. This causes us to dislike, even hate, people more. Eventually some of us start hating ourselves for being so naive. We’ve all been through it, but there is a reason if it is still happening to you.

It is your mindset when you interact with people. Have you ever met someone for the first time and decide not to pursue a friendship with them because they seemed a little off? They are stuck in the same trap as you. You go around expecting the worst out of people, therefore you don’t put your best effort towards anyone. When you do go out of your way for someone even when they don’t ask you to, you EXPECT something in return.

Genuine friendships don’t work that way. It’s manipulative and people can see right through you once they’re around long enough. This is where you start attracting people who have the same mindset. Then you start to wonder why the “real” people don’t ever show up at your doorstep. You’ve become the person who is a little off, scaring off the people who could have been great friends. Now you’re trapped in the cycle. 

If you want to get out of this cycle, you have to change your mindset. When you start putting your best effort and treat people with respect and want the best for them, you will become a magnet for people with priceless traits. You can’t act authentic, you have to be authentic. When you treat others with respect, genuinely feel that respect for them. Always help others without expecting anything in return. Remember that every small decision you make is transparent.