Is Your Relationship Falling Apart? This Can Save It

When you look at your partner, do you keep remembering how it used to be? There were many smiles and laughter. Time stopped whenever you spent time with them. You wonder what went wrong and you’re conflicted between blaming them or yourself. If you’re determined to save your relationship, this will help you. 

Are you truly listening to them?

Do you get frustrated by how arguments occur over the smallest and unnecessary things? Even when you believe you handled it the right way, they were still unreasonable? It’s because you’re not listening to them. You hear the words, but you’re not understanding the meaning behind them. This is where communication is key. 

You’ll probably have a hard time admitting it, but you’re equally as guilty for the misunderstandings that happen. No matter how the arguments started, there’s always a way you could’ve handled them better. You have values that must be respected and that goes for your partner as well. A discussion about these values is essential. 

The smallest things may mean nothing to you, but it’s everything to them. Both of you need to talk without blaming, cursing, raising voices, and disrespecting each other. This is your other half that you chose to spend the rest of your life with, so their problems are just as important as yours. Do not hint at things and expect them to know what you mean. Don’t play mind games and tell them directly what the problem is.

Finally and most importantly, do you care more about your relationship or your pride? It doesn’t matter if you’re right, what’s important is that you’re both understanding of each other’s opinions and values. Let your walls down and they will also. If you put your guard up to avoid being hurt, you’re showing that you don’t trust them.

Trust and communication is everything in a relationship. Make this vulnerable conversation happen, and it will open up new possibilities. 

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