Why you shouldn’t use Instagram

Coming home from a long day, you’re ready to sit back and relax. As you hit the bed or couch, you grab your phone. The life of friends, family, and strangers alike appear on the newsfeed. Time flies by as new posts pop up after refreshing the app. It may seem harmless, but this vicious cycle is doing damage to you psychologically.

Daily Comparison

It’s human nature to compare your life to another person. Many people use this as competition or to follow the footsteps of their role model. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for numerous people. After it’s launch in October 2010, Instagram captivated people all around the world. It became the norm for modern life with over 800 million users. 

Depression has become an epidemic and social media is a part of the cause. You have the power to peek into a person’s life in a matter of seconds with the tip of your finger. People start to compare their likes and followers and use that to judge their self-worth. Another side effect that causes negative consequences is instant gratification. With this, a minute of receiving no likes can cause you to become discouraged and disappointed. 

Behind the Screen

All you see on the newsfeed are the good times. Posts containing vulnerability don’t come often. People have become so accustomed to this that they are blind to sadness being a normal part of life. Every person in the picture deals with their own stress and insecurities. Some users of Instagram are so busy attempting to paint their life as perfect that they forget to live it.  

You have to realize that “average” is okay. All these videos and pictures show that having a perfect life or having talent seems normal when it isn’t. Don’t waste your life playing catch-up and embrace the things you have at this moment. People are running their own personal race, so go at your own pace. 

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