Addiction to tragedy

How tragic events can benefit you

Death and loss is a part of life. It will send you spiraling down a never-ending hole of emptiness. Waking up feeling lost and even the simplest things have become a chore. Sleep will become your best friend since it takes the pain away. This process may take months if not longer.

Switch your mindset

How you react to this experience will determine the outcome. You can’t change what’ll happen, but you can change your reaction. You have every right to your emotions. If something angers you, you’re not wrong for feeling that way. The important part is where you direct that anger. 

Once you hit rock bottom, the only way you can go is up. At the end of the day, you’re still alive and there’s a lesson you’ll have learned. After each event, you’ll come out stronger and start appreciating the small things that you have. Grief builds character and will allow you to relate to others with similar circumstances. You will come out as a changed person.

This one thing will change you

Remember that there’s a hidden blessing in every adversity. The choice is entirely up to you on how you want your reality to be. You have the power to make that decision. Many people wish for a different life, yet they live theirs in auto mode. Stay aware of every action you make and you’ll soon realize how heavy each choice weighs in your life.

If you want to change your life, start making different decisions daily. Slowly but surely, you’ll notice a shift in the right direction. Don’t wait for an opportunity to come, make one. Once you start feeling uncomfortable often, you’ll know you’re heading down the right path. 

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