Our First Step

Thank you for taking your time to visit this page. I’ll start off by introducing myself. My name is Tim and I stay in an area near Atlanta, Georgia. For the longest time, I’ve been lost and never truly understood why I was born. It felt like I was just wasting away and had no purpose. I desperately tried to dismiss these feelings by indulging myself in habits that weren’t the best for me. I’ve made questionable decisions out of my selfish need just to feel temporarily happy or to belong, as we all have in the past.

Now being 26, I’ve experienced my share of heartbreaks and disappointments. Each time one of these events happened, a necessary lesson was learned. My whole life I tried convincing myself that I wasn’t a selfish person, when in reality I was only turning a blind eye by making up excuses to justify my actions. After hitting rock bottom and staying in it for half a year, I realized the error of my ways. Finally kicking myself into gear, I made a promise to share my experience and lessons to other people who still feel lost.

For the sake of not making this longer, the purpose of this blog is to bring like-minded people to share their personal experiences and lessons to everyone who visits this page. We are all striving to become fulfilled and wealthy and there is something we can learn from each and every person. Join us, as we all move forward into a better future where our emotional needs are taken care of. Live for us.

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